September 14, 2017, 1:21 am

How to Play Keno The Best Way

Almost everybody plays the game of keno today specially in America.But the people who originally introduced to us how to play keno is a Chinese. How to play keno backs down to a deep and ancient history of China which also benefited its people.Keno was introduced to us by Cheung Leung. He then wants to raise money to finance their Chinese soldiers in buying arms and other necessities in order to resist attacks of enemies from neighboring towns.He taught the people how to play keno and soon funds were generated out from the earnings of this game.From this , keno gained popularity and people of neighboring towns easily learned how to play keno. Sometimes it is also called the

White Pigeon Game because it uses white pigeons to carry the results of each game from one village to another. But keno game then was not by numbers but thru the Chinese poem "The Thousand Character Classic. Later on the Americans learned how to play Keno from the Chinese who migrated to America Here it was then known as the Chinese Lottery and later "Horse Race Keno". They began to use names of horses for their bets not numbers so as to avoid being accused of illegal gaming.

Have your ticket on board when you are on line.The card contains eighty squares with numbers on it from one to eighty in sequence.A player chooses the number he wants from one to fifteen. The card is then submitted for a similar copy with punched marks of the desired numbers he chosed to bet.Some casinos want players to put their bets after choosing the numbers while others opt to ask players to place the amount of bets they will put on the numbers they will be marking.

The results of this game will be drawn from the eighty pingpong balls with its corresponding numbers from one to eighty. The pingpong balls are then shuffled with compressed air on a clear container as each ball pops out with their corresponding numbers on it drawing twenty balls in one game.Results of the numbered balls drawn out are being shown on a large electronic Keno board.The player then checks on if the results on the board matches eith that of his copy of ticket.The more number that matches in his card the greater is his winnings.

Success on how to play keno requires no techniques or skill but others creatively formulate their ways to increase their probability of winning. Some players conclude that since the same sets of regular numbers are being displayed by the Keno machines every morning, and they are being turned off at night, might as well they will start off the next day with the same sequence of numbers. So really if one is keen enough on how to play Keno, he will have rewarding results.